5 meters Carousel / Rotating plaform with 19 seats

Rotating platform 5 meters, as new - Instant capacity: 19 seats // PPH: 228 persons

Manufactured in 2016, in very good state as the carousel was used inside a shopping mall.

Diameter: 5 meters

Characters: 1 x Spintop, 1 x 1930 Motorcycle, 1 x Firebrigade, 2 x animated small plane, 1 x animated big plane, 1 x bicycle, 1 x horse


 Hot galvanized steel framework
 Driving through a reducing gear with double roller steering ring
 Speed up and speed down by a frequency variator with temporizing
 Automated adjustment of rides by a time switch
 Emergency stop 
 Wooden floor : exotic varnished timber

 Decoration on central hub, with LED lighting 24 volts

 Fire-resistant Material (Class M1) for indoor use


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