The History of Concept 1900, carousel manufacturer

For more than 35 years Concept 1900 has been specialised in designing and manufacturing merry-go-round, particularly vintage style carousels.

Its business also includes restoration works, we also provide candy shops and ornament items.

It all began with the one and only enthousiastic person, Mr Philippe Legrain, who started the business by selling merry-go-round figures.

Then, by gathering  all the skills needed for the purpose, he leads the company towards the factory of carousels. 

Known for providing high quality items, Concept 1900 is particularly successful with its Jules Verne range, developped by the end of the 1990s. 

At this point in time, the company sets its premises in a historical spot 150 km from Paris : the former glass plant of Saint Gobain. 



Since then the number of employees has been increasing and the company keeps on growing on an international scale. 

Our business partners come from different fields : fun fair, event planning, theme parks and FECs, shopping malls, and others.  

Among our references are some renowned names, and each new project is making our experience greater.  


Thanks to all of you who placed their trust in us !