Theme park, public square, tourist and leisure spots, shopping mall, fun fair operators : a carousel tailored to suit your needs, indoor / outdoor/ trailer-mounted ...

Technological research and traditional know-how meet up in CONCEPT 1900 premises to offers carousels of all types and sizes.

Beyond our wide ranging standard items, our teams are always eager to dive into new projects with 100% custom designed rides! 

Among our references are : Disneyland Paris, Asterix Park (France) , Louis Vuitton fashion show, Motiongate park (United Arab  Emirates)  ...

Pavillon-type covers, heated or air-conditioned, ensure comfort and safety, while retaining their prestigious appearance.

All of our products are built to current  standards and we adapt  to the requirements of the countries of operation  and safety controls (TÜV, etc...).

Thanks to their exceptional reliability and everlasting style, our carousels will ensure long years of operations.

Appealing to children and grown-ups, carousels will forever be the very symbol of festivity an fun as well as one of the most profitable investment.