On a 10.000 mq area, our skilled pool of talents provides an optimal result


Located in the factory, they can work in collaboration with all workshops at any production step. 

In development or standard production, each carousel is created by our engineers and designers, according to required standards (EN: 13814, and others...)

Answering customer questions, we advise them regarding the technical parts, esthetical and thematical sides.         

The electrical conception is also relative to each carousel.


This is the very place of birth of our carousels. The most important piece they work on is the central pole. 

Our pieces are made of galvanised steel, by the way it offers a great durability.

Our welders are highly qualified, their work is often verified, to fit to TUV, and others Standards...


Our carpenters turn solid wood into flooring boards and accessories for figures. 

They also produce operator booths, mosly customized.


CONCEPT1900 has technical and artistical masteries of sculpture, our carvers are used to work closely with fiberglass workshops, while creating molds. 

The classical figures, made after wooden molds, keep wood grains and a kind of aged look, that appears very realistic.

Furthermore, some thematical projects allow the birth of totally new figures, both with smooth appearance and contemporary style. 

Actually, we use all types of materials in our workshops, to fit to customer's specific needs, and to afford their creativity.


We proceed with the creation of molds and the manufacturing of moulded articles: figures and many elements to fill the carousel.
All the pieces are produced with care, even some include LED lights.


Most of our painters graduated from major Arts Schools. They've been used to follow designer's instructions, mostly for licensed production, to respect their artistic creativity.

Beside working with the commercial team, they know how to catch the very spirit expected by the customer, to reach a harmonious whole.