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We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the leisure industry, established in more than 40 years of experience.

Our methodology

Concept1900 methodology is to offer the most reliable products and services that are tailored to the needs of the Park project team.

On a 10.000 mq warehouse, our skilled pool of talents provides an optimal result within specialist professional & technical workshops worskhops, working closely together.

Our offer includes high quality materials complying with the requirements under the contract specifications. Our brand new products benefits of a 12-months guarantee with a worldwide assistance is provided within 48 hours.

Specification, Planning & Design

Engineering design from customer specification to manufacturing phase Project Management according deliverables schedule Controlled design certification process


Production with all specialties (galavanized steel modeling and welding, carpentry, fiberglass molding, painting) Compliance with customer’s choice (materials, decoration, themes, etc.) High-level quality control and production standards

On-site installation

Installation made on-site supervised by qualified experts Ride check-up and tests for approvals Training for site operator and operating book supply

Maintenance and after-sale services

Expert manpower ready during the entire duration of contract and guarantee, for a performance work Spare parts available for ride lifetime Maintenance contracts can be chosen by customer

Style design & planning

Located in the factory, our Design office can work in collaboration with all workshops at any production step. 

In development or standard production, our engineers & designers accompany you throughout the whole deployment of your project and can provide all necessary files or calculation notes to be implemented in your scheduling.

  • Manufacturing in accordance with european standards EN13814
  • Adaptation available to destination standards such as GOST, SCEI, TÜV, SOCOTEC

They are advised regarding the technical parts, esthetical and thematical sides.  The electrical conception is also relative to each carousel.

High quality material 100% made in France in our workshops

Mechanic and welding

We are recognised for the performances of our products in all weathers and all climatic conditions by using high quality components that have an extended working temperature range : the galvanized steel used for your ride manufacture ensure a long durability of its structure in all weather conditions. 


Most of our painters are graduated from major Arts Schools to realize unique & artistic hand-painted decoration on merry-go-round pediments and ceilings. They’ve been used to follow designer’s instructions, mostly for licensed production, to respect their artistic creativity.

Beside working with the commercial team, they know how to catch the very spirit expected by the customer, to reach a harmonious whole.

Painting workshop

Our painting workshop is specialized in surface treatment, and use industrial painting application to warrant highest quality of the paint coatings under any weather conditions. Our labour team works closely with the fiberglass workshop to reproduce the decoration appearance as described in the drawings for the Park environment.

Fiberglass workshop

We proceed with the creation of molds and the manufacturing of moulded articles with pultrated FRP Fiberglass grade providing a corrosion-free, strong, lightweight and durable surface: figures and many elements to fill the carousel.
All the pieces are produced with care, even some include LED lights or specific M1 grade required for indoor usage.

Sculpture workshop

CONCEPT1900 has technical and artistical masteries of sculpture. Our carvers are used to work closely with fiberglass workshops, while creating molds. 

The classical figures, made after wooden molds, keep wood grains and a kind of aged look, that appears very realistic. Furthermore, some thematical projects allow the birth of totally new figures, both with smooth appearance and contemporary style. 

Actually, we use all types of materials in our workshops, to fit to customer’s specific needs, and to afford their creativity.

Carpentry workshop

Our carpenters turn solid wood into flooring boards and accessories for figures.  They also produce operator booths, mosly customized.

Installation & Maintenance

Taking part to the ride test in our whareouse before the shipment of your amusement ride, our experimented manpower is highly qualified for mounting and assembly with precision of your ride worldwide.

Our technicians supervise your local team with technical support on-site. They perform the training of your amusement ride operator.

Concept1900 maintenance contracts provides you with preferential phone and email access to highly skilled engineers able to answer all technical matters. Our maintenance package offers number of other options such as preventive maintenance (regular on-site visits to check that the system is running properly) and corrective maintenance.


Years of Leisure Leadership

They trust our manufacturing and maintenance service: