Carousels and Merry go rounds

Concept1900 is able to provide the merry-go-round of all sizes with single – double or triple stories, for indoor or outdoor usage. We manufacture variable themes according to customer’s requirement with hand-painted canvas, and the current European standards 13814. With its worldwide partners, we are able to complete a turnkey project in all parts of the world.

We always maintain a high level of security and confidentiality, and a dedicated team will take care of your scope from project management through to final delivery of your carousel amusement ride.

The classical style remains the vintage carousel also called “merry-go-round”, “french carousel” or “venetian carousel”, it remains the first choice of entertainment parcs and city councils. The standard configuration offers vintage horses, gondolas and spintops.

With its speampunk style, the Jules Verne carousel remains the futurist universe of the great science-fiction master. The metallic design is enhanced with fantastic futuristic characters such as Nautilus submarine, rocket or air balloon spintop.

The carousel-bar is equipped with tables and armchairs. Remaining the funfair ride style with its vintage crown, the carousel-bar spins slowly allowing people to turn on and off easily and enjoy snacks and cocktail drinks. It is perfect for festivals, tasting events and Christmas markets.

Rotative platforms are designed for the indoor amusement projects and suit perfectly the indoor FEC or the shopping mall areas. Without canopy, the characters of these rides are animated with electric motors to entertain children.

The Best Experience Ever

“Our rides often describe the history of a place and a neighbourhood. It’s a source of pride and responsibility for us to imagine products that will bring lasting pleasure to young and old visitors alike”.
Philippe Legrain
CEO & Founder