Velocipede ride

Bike'n Roll

Bike'n Roll brings you back to 19th century

Like stepping into a time machine, the french carousel manufacturer brings back to life a popular vintage attraction and keeps the original tradition of the ride alive! The self-ride bikes roundabout built in the 19th century is now available with all current engineering and security standards, to delight both adults and children.

Theme park owners can now propose to their clients a family and interactive attraction to travel back in time to that decade!


Velocipede ride

Technical keys

Designed as an interactive and family entertainment, this unique ride replicates the original 1900’s bicycle ride. It allows 40 participants to have fun racing as sporting team.

No need to be a real athlete, the rotation starts easily with few rider efforts. Children can support their parents safely during the racing, by sitting next to them.

  • 480 PPH / 40 passengers at one ride
  • Specially selected materials complement the aesthetic vintage design
  • The same raw materials that were used
    in the 19th century
  • Manufactured in compliance with security
    engineering standards ensuring the highest safety standards with
    – passenger setting retainer,
    – double security on safety belts,
    – and dual braking system with emergency stop.

Entertainment for individuals & group of professionals

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