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Boat circuit

Welcome to the miniature Port

Original and exclusive concept for children and the whole family. The “Port Miniature” is an amusement park with the atmosphere of a real port where Children can navigate with replicas of boats trawler, ferry, cruise, police, firefighter, racer, gabare and floating GRP decors like light houses and rock.

Up to 4 people, up to 5 hours of navigation.
No licence required, customizable, easy to navigate, no noise, no pollution, 100% ecological.

Possibility to have a turnkey module (master harbour, pontoon, bridge, and so on)

Credits Video – Youtube Charentes Tourisme


Miniature port

Technicals keys

  • Hull and Bridge in Polyester Maritime
  • Wood Décoration
  • Outboard motor POD
  • 12V Max speed 6 Km/h (3.72 mph)
  • 5 Hours of autonomy
  • Maximum recharge Time 5 Hours

Of séries:

Variator 7 positions (5 front & 2 back), Battery indicator, Hour Meter Circuit breaker, Battery switch


Battery Kit 12V 119 Ah, Integrated Battery Charger, Automatic Bilge Pump, Security & Safety

  • Lenght 3.70 m
  • Width 1.20 m
  • Draft 0.30 m

Weight with batteries 200 kg – 4 People or 450 kg – Outboard Motor

  • Ratification Catégory D : 100% Leisure – 100% Electric – 100% Ecological

Electric boat models:

Standard derby’s models are available, as well as Gabare, fire-boat, Croisiere-boat, Chalutier-boat, Racer-boat or Police-boat.

Decoration & facilities:

  • Rigid plastic buoy kit
  • Floating Light housse
  • Floating Rock
  • Pontoons / Gangways / Bridges
  • Electric terminal
  • Harbour master
  • Accessories
  • Chandlery

An exclusive and original concept for children or the family Easy to Pilot, Easy to Exploit, Easy to Rent.

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