Vintage amusement ride

Sulky Horses

Welcome to the world of horse racing

A Sulky is a pedal tanks drawn by a wooden horse, available in different colors, sizes and weights.

The child pedals himself and directs his sulky along the tarmac alleys of the park. A retro activity that children love!


Sulky horse

Technical keys

  • Lacquered tubular frame
  • Seat or bench seat with metal structure and customizable upholstery
  • Spoke wheels and inflatable tires
  • Dimensions: L 160cm x W 80cm x H 70cm
  • Weight: 30kg
  • 1900s fully customizable fiberglass horses
  • Chain transmission
  • Front steering wheel with casing
  • steering provided by leather pull
  • 1 person per carriage
  • Length from 1.40 m to 1.75 m
  • Weight from 12 kgs to 25 kgs

A retro activity loved by the children

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