Jules Verne Merry-go-round

The Steampunk decoration

The “Jules Verne carousel” remain the great stories of the french author who helped pioneer the science-fiction genre, also “Steampunk carousel”.
Our carousels are welcoming the whole family with variable capacity of the passengers for a magical trip to revive a childish spirit still living inside of each.

By merging the technology and aesthetics of 19th-century steam-powered machinery, Concept 1900 has developed the series of steampunk merry-go-rounds, in name of Jules Verne: Iron skeleton, golden grids, sparkling lights, and retro style bringing to passengers a great imagination and a most dreamlike experience.


Luxurious and sophisticated, or simple and elegant, our carousel rides are created with the right design for your specific project or theme park to bring out the best in it.

Steampower & Fantasy characters

More than 120 figures are available in our large database. Our expert creates for you different layout to fit the requirements of your project, according with the local regulations to be respected in your country . Our craftsmanship department is used to harmonize the figures colors with the general tones of your carousel. Different varnish are applied to preserve their magnificent colors or have a mat or brilliant rendering.

Carousel 4,5 meters in Shopping Mall

Diameters for any project

Concept1900 Entertainment offers merry-go-rounds for all wishes, with different sizes, weight and diameters . Our models can be fixed – permanent on a place, or transportable with a trailer system.

Concept1900 can manufacture personalized carousels with large choice of diameters and different stories, please consult our dedicated page   >> Go to “Large-sized carousel”

Transportable carousel

Whether you expect to propose the ride as a location, or need to facilitate your logistic operations, the trailer-system option is valuable for easy transportation and quick assembly on site. Available for big diameters and carousels with stage as well.

Trailer system

Decoration Process

  • Longlife fiberglass decoration, with oppotunity to choose M1 resin, painting & coating, according to the fire test spread measurement norms
  • Crafted floor by carpenters and woodmakers, exotic type, allowing long life, without any risk of moulding

Electrical efficiency

  • Self-controlled electrical and electronical architecture
  • Auto-diagnostic function
  • Power supply according to standards on country
  • High level for safety requirements
  • Tailor made electrical configuration
  • Different type of forms & colors of LED lights
  • Noise systems for electrified figures

Technical performance

  • High strenght steel structure
  • High temperature galvanization protection against corrosion
  • Approved TIG welded assemblies
  • Structure recovery by high density polyester canopee, multi layers

Mechanical performance

  • High torque and power geared motor driving
  • Movements created by high precision assemblies
  • Chromium-treated steel for driveline (ring and sprockets) ensuring ride rotation
  • Extruded or forged high strength steel crankshafts for characters’s movements

Tribute to Jules Verne Stories

These merry-gor-rounds are combining the “Belle Epoque” style of the 1900 century in France, and the “Victorian universe” with the creativity of retro-futuristic Jules Verne stories.

Steampunk intrigue takes place in a 19th century dominated by the first industrial revolution of coal and steam. We keep to use fiberglass decorations to reflect this industrial-style.

The rounding-boards are decorated with pictures dedicated to the Jules Verne Stories (Journey to the Center of the Earth‎, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and so on) as well as “gear” canvas to recall the steampunk style of the carousel.

Thematic pictures on rounding boards​

All the carousels are covered with metallic shape mouldings, harmonized with the general decoration of the carousel.

The Jules Verne raceways are inlaid with the LED lights to make your carousel shine.

These models are available with storey and double stairs for  an easy access to the first stage of the merry-go-round.

mix with traditional characters

We have imagined endearing characters, that will transport you to another universe.
You can mix with traditional carousel Horse characters, spintops and gondolas : all are matching perfectly to offer an unique experience to your public.

openworked center

The transparent ceilings plates are combined with the golden grid.

This unique steampunk style is reproduced in the center of the carousel, which let appears decorative strenght legs for the carousel.

Note that the plain fiberglass panels can be added with customized canvas, as traditional.

Discover how Concept1900 is able to manufacture your themed carousel in every detail with a dedicated project manager to define your needs & project schedule    >>

Our Collections

Hour capacity: 300 PPH – Power: 6 kW – Weight: 4000 Kg – Shipping volume: 30m3

Hour capacity: 300 PPH – Power: 6 kW – Weight: 4000 Kg – Shipping volume: 35m3

Hour capacity: 360 PPH – Power: 8 kW – Weight: 4500 Kg – Shipping volume: 40m3

Hour capacity: 500 PPH – Power: 10 kW – Weight: 8000 Kg – Shipping volume: 45m3

Hour capacity: 500 PPH – Power: 10 kW – Weight: 9500 Kg – Shipping volume: 50m3

Hour capacity: 600 PPH – Power: 12 kW – Weight: 11000 Kg – Shipping volume: 100m3

Hour capacity: 650 PPH – Power: 14 kW – Weight: 16000 Kg – Shipping volume: 150m3

To offer the best to your project Concept1900 provides operator booths as well as closure systems for your carousel such as tarpaulin, electrical shutters and so on. Fiberglass aesthetic options are available too with ramp of lights on the canopy, or dungeons’ decoration on rounding boards    >>