Take a peek inside our Wonderland

List of characters

More than 120 characters are available in our large database. Our engineers create for you various layouts to fit the requirements of your project, according with the local regulations to be respected in your country. Your final choice of figures is incorporated to the manufacturing of your carousel.

The carousel animals are created by making molds of the original antique carousel horse. Our craftmanship department harmonize the figures tints with the general tones of your carousel. Different varnish are applied to preserve their magnificent colors, or create a mat or brillant rendering.

Our characters are not to sold separately. We only offer this exclusiv option for our existing customers to remplace figures for new season?

Thousand combinations

for a dream travel

The riding figures are communication windows to tourists, a symbol of joy as well whether you manufacture a traditionnal carousel with horses figure, or mix it with Jules Verne figures.

After years, Concept 1900 has formed a library of hundreds standard subjects, each of which is unique outcome from the designers. Considering the change on details, there will be thousands of combinations for customers to choose.