Theming merry go round carousel figures

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Thematic Merry-go-round

Our research department works in collaboration with designers and engineers developing safe, innovative, functional one-of-a-kind work of art and always looking for new creative ways to use the carousel theme and décor in different applications.

Sculpture and Molding workshop is used to invent new character themes and décor, casting and specializes in IP design. Every figure is custom made with quality craftsmanship.

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Thematization for all wishes

We can fulfill any needs of residential, mixed use and commercial developments. Our clients come from different industries such as amusement parks, fashion, marketing and event planning, entertainment, retail, petroleum refinery, municipalities, tourism etc.

Standards & certification

ASTM, EN: 13814, ISO 9001, TÜV SÜD, TÜV NORD, CSEI certifications, and so on. We provide adaptation to all local standards, Size and Place Requirements, Indoors and Outdoors, Heat and Cold Weather Resistant

After-sale & Maintenance

On site installation is performed by our professional technicians to make sure everything works well and ready for operation. Our company offers after sale service & maintenance contrats to stay in touch with every client.

High reliability & adaptability

Our strength lies in the high quality of produced products with the ability to manufacture light weight carousels that can be used by people of any age, from babies to elderly, with a smart system for maintenance that does not require much attention gives us advantage among other producers.

Walibi theme park carousel @Concept1900 Entertainment

You may choose different style of rounding-boards depending on your theme park: large or long traditional rounding-board, or kiosk version for a magnificent appearance.

Merry-go-round for theme park

Theme parks can choose our standard product to apply their general colors. The rounding-boards of the merry-go-round can be adapted to the theme park mascot & logo.

This kind of decoration allows the merry-go-round to fit perfectly in the theme park environment, and is adaptable to any diameters, for any entertainment area (as FEC, indoor or outdoor) >> Visit our page “Rotative platforms”

Disneyland Paris – Carrousel de Lancelot (credit:

Merry-go-round for brand event

Credits Video – Youtube : Videofashion

Create new consumer experience in public realm

The carousel offers an authentic joyful witnesses to way of life, so that your customer may experience differently their passion for your brand.

Merry-go-round will always be the symbol of happiness, and by the way, a suitable support for branding.

Keep in mind that carousel ride can be transformed to a bar, coffee shop, restaurant, stage, marketing or retail display even bed. We can create what you can imagine.