Other Rides

Create your own mini attraction park

Concept1900 offers varied other rides, to answer many thematic and can take place in your own mini attractions park. From the velocipede ride with bikes to boats circuit, we are sure that our exclusive offers will give your new entertainment ideas.

Designed as an interactive and family entertainment, this unique attraction replicates the original 1900’s bicycle ride. It allows 40 participants to have fun racing as a sporting team.

No need to be a real athlete, the rotation starts easily with few rider efforts. Children can support their parents safely during the racing, by sitting next to them.

This family ride has 12 mechanical arms, providing slow up and down movements.

With sleigh and reindeer characters, it recalls the christmas wonderland.

This design is adaptable for different seasons: alternative characters can be installed for Easter or summer season.

The AEROUSEL combines a rotating carousel and a captive balloon by inserting it into the free space made up of the central part of the arena.

Environmentally friendly as possible, by reducing both its overall consumption and by adding environmentally friendly external sources of energy.

This activity makes fun and educational with the aim to bring positive energy.

As an original and exclusive concept for children and the whole family, the «Port Miniature» is an amusement park at itsel with the atmosphere of a real port.

Children can navigate with replicas of boats (until 4 people) trawler, ferry, cruise, police, firefighter, racer, gabare and floating decors like light houses or rock.

On this familial attraction, a visitor rides a horse fixed on a horizontal rail. The steel is powered by a third rail system. The horse evolves in a closed circuit with imitation of horse movement & noises.

The Sulky is a pedal tank drawn by a polyester horse, available in different colours, sizes and weights.

A child pedals himself and directs his sulky. A retro activity that children love!