Carousel on Tethered Balloon


An incredible aerial experience

The AEROUSEL is designed with two flagship ideas:

  • Combine a high-quality 1900 rotating carousel and a captive balloon by inserting it into the free space made up of the central part of the arena.
  • Make the riding school as environmentally friendly as possible, by reducing both its overall consumption as much as possible and by adding environmentally friendly external sources of energy while making the activity fun and educational with the aim to bring positive energy.

The Aerousel will produce a significant part of its own energy:

We want the AEROUSEL to be not only fun, but also educational by harnessing three renewable energies:
Wind power with a revolutionary concept of slow vertical axis wind turbines, the Filippini wind turbine, specially developed for this project. Solar energy by covering part of the roof with solar panels. Muscle energy by equipping the arena with 12 bikes where parents by pedaling will produce energy
for their children

All made visible by a huge quadrant which will indicate in real time the amount of electricity produced and consumed


Carousel on Tethered Balloon

Technical keys

The first objective before creating energy is to consume the least possible energy by reducing as much as possible the weight of the whole and thus its inertia and by optimizing the lighting by means of LED and bulb consumption.

Wind turbine

Then four wind turbines at 90 ° to each other are installed at the ends of the arena. Annual production can be around 1kWh / year or around 25% of the annual production required.

Solar energy

The roof of the carousel will be equipped with 25m2 of solar panels which will benefit from the optimum tilt towards the sun.The annual production could be 150W x 24h x 365d = 1314 Kwh / year, to produce about a third of the electricity production needed by the AEROUSEL.

Muscle energy

The aerousel is equipped with 12 stationary bikes, fixed in front of the carousel on which any passer-by can take place. A giant quadrant from red to green indicates in real time the power consumed and the power created in a playful and imaginative way.
The 12 bikes can generate 4.3 kWh, more than a quarter of the daily power of the Aerousel.

Air Balloon is designed with the great experience of the Tethered Balloon manufacturer, Aerophile.

With a diameter of 10 meters, the carousel welcomes all our range of Jules Verne and traditional figures.

A family attraction to powered positive energy

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