Award winning team of professional leisure manufacturer, customizing in merry-go-rounds & other rides creation. The company has a vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

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Des experts du loisirs

Notre équipe de Direction

Entertainment Experts

Our Team Board

Inna Aleksandrova

Commercial director

Philippe Legrain

Owner & Founder

Benjamin Igras

Technical director

1- Real experience

The animal’s blood, muscles and hair are realistically represented, masterpieces of moulder and sculptor.

Paints are applied in several layers to highlight the traits of each character and to enhance the sense of immersion.

2 - Original creation

Polyester panels, the most individual part of the carousel, are written by our highly skilled painters, among them is Frederique, aged 47. With more than 30 years of painting practice, he is immediately inspired by a sketch of customers. For him every stroke of the brush is an impulse of the soul, as well as a tribute to his favourite author Jules Verne.

3 - Ultimate craftmanship

Craftmanship defines the spirit of Concept1900.

From drawing to manufacturing, from moulding to colouring, every line, every contour, every light and shadow processing reflect our excellence in craftwork. In this way, each part is endowed with a soul under the craftsman’s hand.
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Galvanized Steel

The inner frame of carousel is made of galvanized steel to ensure the stability and corrosion resistance of the structure.

Exotic Wood

The floor is made of exotic wood with thin strips in western style and wear-resistant.

4 - Reliable performance

High Quality

The top of the canopy is made of polyester to ensure both the good appearance and the adaptation to extreme weather.

Fiberglass & Coating

The fiberglass panels are made of metal frame and FRP, and the use of the coating, standard for the automobile industry, ensures the durability of its surface.

Vintage style

The aluminium torsion bars are firm and durable due to anodizing treatment, which also relates back to the classics of the 1900’s.

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